Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I love Spring!

I have a 3 hour staff meeting at work today where there are going to be a lot of changes. So I knew if I didn't get off of my butt and get moving it would be a really lazy day.

So I got up grabbed the camera and off I went. I walked for 55 minutes so I'm happy with that. I even found my first trillium today.

Here's today video Tracking Tuesdays by Sarah!

Now my food today was anything but boring :)

Breakfast: baked banana split French toast which is simply filling +0pp for 4g of mini chocolate chips

Lunch: fold it, extra lean ham, 2 Tbsp goat cheese spread 1pp, home made cranberry sauce no sugar, veggies and a light yogurt Simply Filling + 1pp

Dinner: Our compliments reduced fat breaded Scottish haddock fillet, salad, dressing 1pp, croutons 1pp Simply Filling +2pp

Other: apple

Water: 9c
Weekly pts: 32-3=29
Activity pts: 5
Activity pts balance: 14
Steps: 11,748
Exercise: 55 minute walk

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