Thursday, May 28, 2015

Got my walk on and found a couple of new to me things

I also changed the comment settings to make it easier for people to leave a comment. Feel free to leave one I love reading them.

Found out that the King and Queen of the Netherlands will be visiting where my son in law works today!  Jennifer and Martin lived there for 2 years. Beautiful country.

I'm trying to get my list of things to take on vacation done. So many little things. This cord, that cord, camera, fitbit charger, clothes, hat, coat..... and you know I'll still forget something :)

Sarah's video for today!

Found these 2 new to me foods today:
Hami honey kissed melon and this Canadian product crispy turkey bacon that's already cooked and takes 5 seconds to heat!! Found in Zehrs for my Canadian friend.

Breakfast: baked strawberry banana baked French toast, fat free cream for coffees 7pp

Lunch:veggies, lettuce leaves with turkey, cheese and light whipped dressing, berries, fiber one brownie and whipped cream 5pp

Dinner: 3 oz fish with light breading, oil, salad, 2 tbsp Bolthouse dressing, President's choice mini naan dippers with a little olive oil and garlic 10pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

  • Water: 12c
  • Steps: 13,371
  • Exercise: 55 minute walk
  • Weekly points: 49-1=48
  • Activity points: 26+6=32


amy said...

love reading your posts...i'm headed for vacation too...trying to remember to pack it

Roni said...

I just love your blog... You are my inspiration!