Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Getting back to normal

Sorry for not posting but it was a crazy weekend!

On Saturday Ralph and I participated in a fun familly 2K walk. Well we walked over 2K to get there and 2K to get home so it was more like a 6K walk :) Also it was so hot my poor red headed husband was burned to a crisp!

On Sunday early in the morning I went to a 5K walking race where I was the sweeper. Unfortunately some people decided to start the race 30 minutes late so I had almost finished the 5K and had to back track to find the late comers and walk behind them. It was a long day.

Unfortunately I got a bit off track as far as eating. Too many carbs and too much sugar. So today was my reset. Luckily there's always a reset button we can press to get right back on track.

So today I went out on a walk, I picked up some healthy groceries, I turned down pizza for lunch and I'm drinking my water.

I smiled when I was on my walk as everything is becoming green finally. I love it!

Not sure whether I'm going to keep taking pictures of every meal but I'll see.

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Jessica said...

Love the picture of your walk :)