Monday, May 25, 2015

Doing what has to be done!

Do you put off things that you don't like doing? I do! For me it's cleaning the house I'm just not a natural born cleaner and I put it off as long as I can. Thank goodness the hubs likes doing it :)

The funny thing is that I just love the house when I do give it a good cleaning. Yet I procrastinate doing it.

Weight loss is like that. Do you procrastinate on weighing and measuring your foods telling yourself that you know what an oz is? Do you put of parking well away from the door of the grocery store because you'll do it next time?

Well if you want to get to where you want to be you've got to roll up your sleeves and just do it!!

It's called taking care of yourself. No one else is going to do it.

What do you put off doing because you're too tired or there's not enough time?

Here's Sarah's video for today :) Love this lady!

Breakfast: Chocolate cherry oatmeal parfait, 5T of fat free cream for coffees 6pp

Lunch: Kale salad with parmesan cheese, lemon juice and olive oil and a home made fudgesicle 4pp

Dinner: Meatball sandwiches on lettuce leaves using lean mini meatballs and light cheese, salad, Bolthouse honey dijon mustard, strawberries and cream 6pp

Other: All bran bar which has changed to 5pp from 4! and a glass of wine 10pp

Water: 12c very hot here today
Steps: 12,25
Exercise: 30 minute walk and house cleaning all afternoon
Weeklies: 47-0=47
Activity points: 8+6=14


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