Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Work it!

Sarah's video today was about doing the work. It's so true. When you do the work of weighing/measuring/tracking etc the programs works. If you're not willing to do the work then the program doesn't work the same way. Prepping and planning in advance is work but saves so much time and stress later in the week that it's definitely worth doing.

Sometimes things come up that change your plans. For instance tomorrow Jen is going to meet us at Carl Jr's for lunch. So I looked it up and plan on a kids burger and a side salad with light dressing. It's 8pp and I have no problem with that. I'm not stressing over it and I'm just going to enjoy my time with my daughter and husband. Is it a perfect lunch? No but it's o.k to do that. You don't have to be perfect just do your best.

Today I walked to the library to take back a book which took 45 minutes, stopped to buy catfood and pick up a couple of things at the grocery store. I also went on a bike ride to the mall and back which took 50 minutes.

Sarah challenged us to find a vegetable that we haven't tried before well today I picked up organic Japanese turnip. Really not that different from a mild radish. Not bad and if they're on sale I might pick them up again.

Here's Sarah's motivational video for today!

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites omelet, spinach, 1/4c light feta cheese 1pp, 2 slices of Lou's peameal bacon, grapefruit and a glass of milk, fat free cream for coffee Simply Filling plus 1pp

Lunch: 2 spring rolls with rice wrappers 2pp, cucumber, green onion, carrots and imitation crab, 3 Tbsp spicy peanut satay sauce 1pp, yogurt and watermelon Simply Filling +3pp
Snack: frozen latte slushie which was just a weight watchers vanilla smoothie packet I found, strong cold coffee and sweetener added lots of ice and blended I also grabbed a banana Simply Filling

Dinner: Baked potato, steamed broccoli, 3 Tbsp salsa con queso or cheese sauce 2pp, extra lean ground beef with some fajita seasoning, green onions, salsa and fat free sour cream, and a berry cobbler for dessert Simply Filling + 2pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

  • Water: 10c so far
  • Weekly points: 24-11=13
  • Activity points: 10 so far
  • Activity pt balance: 31
  • Exercise: 45 minute walk, 50 minute bike ride and walked around a big mall
  • Steps: 15,093 so far

Thoughts: I definitely went outside my comfort zone today when I bought a swimsuit for my vacation in June. Glad I did it though. Lots of exercise and fresh air today I should sleep like a baby.

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