Friday, April 24, 2015

Simply Filling

I'm so happy to be doing Simply Filling again. Why? Because it means that I've decreased the amount of sugar and processed foods that I'm eating. It doesn't mean I don't eat any processed foods it just lowers how much I eat. I'm definitely not the food police either. Your decisions are your choices and that's fine.

One thing I will be doing while following Simply Filling is to track, everything. Food, water, steps and the good health guidelines. I'm even taking daily notes of what's working and what I could focus on more.

My new week starts on Sunday and next week my focus is tracking! Honest tracking. Every lick, taste and bite. If you'd like to join me doing this that would be great :) I'm going to try to have a new goal every week and if you would like to suggest some weekly goals please let me know.

I also realize that some products here in Canada my American friends may not have seen before or they could be power foods. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Food find for today: these are a loblaws/zehrs brand and just 1pp filling with yogurt and fruit and you've got a nice snack!

Today I'm working. Working around donuts and other junk food means I need to focus on a couple of things. One is drinking my water. If I'm on top of my water I'm not hungry therefore donuts lose their appeal. Another thing is to take foods that I enjoy and because I don't get a lot of time for breaks my foods of choice are cut up veggies, fruits, yogurt, cheese, proteins.

Here's another motivational video from Sarah! Enjoy

Today's food

Breakfast: 1/2c egg whites, spinach, 1 tsp oil, polenta, 20g light feta, 1 cup milk Simply Filling+1pp

Lunch: toufayan whole wheat pocket, lifestyle ham, light cheese 1pp, veggies, grapefruit Simply Filling + 1pp

At work: veggies, apple, yogurt and chicken Simply Filling

After work: red wine 5pp
  • Water: 8 cups
  • Weekly pts: 43-7=36
  • Activity pts: 2+7=9
  • Steps:13,727
  • Exercise: just grocery shopping and work
Thoughts: bought lots of groceries today. Work was busy but I stayed away from the donuts and the nutella :)


Jessica said...

I will definitely accept your challenge of tracking for the week. I always try to track and then get lazy.

Suzanne said...

Awesome! you can do it

Theresa Degener said...

Good job Suzanne. I also have gone back to simply filling

Theresa Degener said...

Good job Suzanne. I also have gone back to simply filling

Suzanne said...

It's the best!