Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Simply Filling is so hard!

Just kidding!! Simply filling is the easiest plan to follow and it doesn't have to be boring. You just have to take time to plan so that what you choose you will look forward to having and enjoy the journey.

For instance this morning I made a banana split which was Simply Filling +0pp it tasted decadent yet it was Simply Filling +0pp. And if you have children setting up a breakfast buffet with different ingredients and letting them choose to make their own banana splits would be so much fun.

Tonight I have a board meeting where they serve dinner and I'm very lucky that they usually have healthy choices. I'll just make the best choices that I can.

Oh and half the day I didn't have my fitbit on so I was lucky to squeeze in a late walk to get some.

Here's Sarah's motivation for today!

Breakfast: banana split, banana, strawberries, 0% vanilla Greek yogurt, Ezekiel cereal, 4g mini chocolate chips 0pp and a drizzle of sf chocolate sauce Simply Filling + 0pp

Lunch: salad, leftover steak, 30g light feta cheese 1pp, 1 Tbsp Bolthouse balsamic vinaigrette 0pp, 1 tsp olive oil Simply Filling + 1pp

Dinner at a meeting: yellow and green beans with carrots, asparagus stuffed chicken breast, potato and salad with a tsp of dressing I'm just going to go with it as I have no idea of the ingredients

Other: glass of red wine 5pp

Water: 10c so far
Weekly points: 30-6=24
Activity points: 19+2=21
Steps: 7,384 so far
Exercise: 28 minute walk to meeting

Thoughts: Well it's the first time I've forgotten my fitbit in a long time but I still managed to grab a couple of activity points. I made great choices at the meeting and feel good. I was a little upset earlier as I had a couple of snarky comments about it being so sweet but just think it was just fruit, yogurt, Ezekiel cereal and a very small amount of chocolate chips. I enjoyed it and due to the Greek yogurt it had lots of protein. Ugh sometimes the weight watchers police just get to me.

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