Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On the road again

Today was such a nice day that Ralph and I decided to get some biking in. Well first I went on a walk. What a gorgeous sunny day!

I ended up walking for an hour and biking for an hour :)

Breakfast: Egg McSuzi with back bacon and ff cheese slice, blood orange, 3 Tbsp of fat free cream =Simply Filling 

Lunch: Big Mac Salad and a strawberry whip =Simply Filling +1pp for the dressing

Dinner: Fish with cornmeal, baked home made fries including olive oil, peppers and onions and an iced black cherry herbal tea =Simply Filling 

Weekly points: 35-1=34
Water: will be a total of 12 cups when I'm finished :)
Steps:13,745 so far
Exercise: 1 hour bike, 1 hour walk

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