Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guess I wasn't awake!

Ugh twice now I think I've taken a photo and gone to look for it and I guess I wasn't awake enough to realize I hadn't done it! Well brekkie was delicious anyway I'll just have to have it another day and take a pic :)

Another gorgeous day today so I made sure to get a walk in and another ride in.

For the bike ride we rode to the newly renovated library that I haven't seen before an we also went to see what the new changes to the bus system will be. They are really trying the bus riders patience with all the changes they're making. Oh well hopefully it will eventually improve service.

I also put my Vibrams on for the first time this year :)

Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, 1 tsp olive oil, spinach, onion, feta cheese, sundried tomato not in oil, slice of toast with 1 tsp becel pro active light marg with plant sterols 0pp, some grape fruit and 3 Tbsp of at free cream for coffees Simply Filling
No picture because I just dreamed I took one!
Lunch: Caesar salad, home made roasted roma tomatoes, beets and berry cobbler Simply Filling + 5pp and worth every one of them! I also forgot to put the croutons on before I took a picture but I did put them on after :)

Dinner: Extra lean ham, acorn squash, 1 tsp brown sugar 0pp, 1 tsp olive oil, carrots, green beans, home made sugar free cranberry/apple sauce with ginger and cinnamon Simply Filling 

Other: president's choice diet mango soda with malibu rum 5pp

Weekly points: 35-10=25 weekly pp balance
Exercise: 50 minute walk and 58 minute bike ride
Water: 12 cups
Steps: 15, 033 so far

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