Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beautiful day

Yes it's a gorgeous day out and it's even warming up a bit but I'm working 2-10 so I'll miss most of it.
Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too so hopefully I'll get out on a nice walk then.

I stayed away from the nutella and the donuts yesterday. I'm pretty much over the nutella I only crave things like that when they first come out so I shouldn't have any trouble with them today.

Hope you are enjoying Sarah's videos here's today's! She doesn't post everyday but I try not to miss any :)

Breakfast: baked banana chocolate chip french toast, fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling +1pp for the chocolate chips

Lunch: salad, chicken, 1 Tbsp bolthouse balsamic vinaigrette 0pp, 2 tsp olive oil, and some blackberries Simply Filling

At work: tuna, veggies, fruit and yogurt Simply Filling

  • Water: 9c
  • Weekly pts: 36-1=35pp
  • Activity pts 9+5=14
  • Steps: 11,027
  • Exercise: Did some arm exercises with weights plus running around at work

Thoughts: Exhausted tonight but other than that a good day! Hoping to get out on the bike tomorrow.

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