Saturday, April 11, 2015

And.... I'm back to Simply Filling

O.k back to business. I've always loved simply filling and it's time to get back to it. I eat healthier when I'm following it. The only thing is because I'm in Canada I do use certain products that I consider SF because we just can't get the same things as you can in the U.S. Also I'd rather use light products than fat free. So if you see I use something different then that would be why.

This weekend I'm working today and tomorrow! Fun times.

I did a quick workout video this morning since it's not really walking weather yet.

Breakfast: an egg, light feta and spinach wrap with a blood orange simply filling

Lunch: whole wheat Joseph's pita half, turkey, veggies, smoothie made with milk/1/2 banana/1/2c frozen sliced strawberries simply filling

At work: veggies, extra lean ham, individual guacamole 3pp, apple, I'll buy a non fat chai tea latte unsweetened at work simply filling +3pp

Snack: yogurt and berries simply filling

Weekly pts: 49-3=46pp
Exercise: quick dvd video
Water: 12 cups today I drank water with lemon and lime instead of a bit of crystal light plus a cup of green tea
Steps: 8799

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