Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's all about your choices!

Today I have plans to go out for lunch with Ralph and my daughter Jen. I asked where she would like to go for lunch and Carl Jr's was chosen. Now I could have panicked but I just looked it up on my weight watchers app and chose a kids hamburger and a side salad with light dressing for 8pp. I enjoyed the company and enjoyed my hamburger. Just because life throws you a curve ball doesn't mean you have to go off plan. Just track and move right along!

We all have daily choices to make. From the clothes we wear to how much water we drink, what we have for breakfast and trying to get some extra movement in. The results you want will come if you keep making the positive choices.

Sarah posted a video today about processed foods! Enjoy

Today since I was pretty point heavy I decided to do points plus and wouldn't you know it came to 26pp tomorrow is back to simply filling

Breakfast: baked lemon raspberry oatmeal, fat free cream for coffees 6pp

Lunch: at Carl Jr's kids hamburger, side salad, light dressing and a bottle of water no picture but it was totally worth it :) 8pp

Dinner: blue menu scottish haddock 4pp, veggies, 1 tsp becel proactive light margarine, mini waffle  bowl 1pp with 1/2c sherbet 2pp= 7pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp
  • Water:10 cups so far
  • Weekly pts:0 so balance is 13
  • Activity pts: 7
  • Activity pts balance: 38
  • Steps: 9,211 and it will 10,000 before I go to bed :) 
  • Exercise: 35 minute walk
Thoughts: I'm glad I decided to go to points plus today it definitely helped me stay on track

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Work it!

Sarah's video today was about doing the work. It's so true. When you do the work of weighing/measuring/tracking etc the programs works. If you're not willing to do the work then the program doesn't work the same way. Prepping and planning in advance is work but saves so much time and stress later in the week that it's definitely worth doing.

Sometimes things come up that change your plans. For instance tomorrow Jen is going to meet us at Carl Jr's for lunch. So I looked it up and plan on a kids burger and a side salad with light dressing. It's 8pp and I have no problem with that. I'm not stressing over it and I'm just going to enjoy my time with my daughter and husband. Is it a perfect lunch? No but it's o.k to do that. You don't have to be perfect just do your best.

Today I walked to the library to take back a book which took 45 minutes, stopped to buy catfood and pick up a couple of things at the grocery store. I also went on a bike ride to the mall and back which took 50 minutes.

Sarah challenged us to find a vegetable that we haven't tried before well today I picked up organic Japanese turnip. Really not that different from a mild radish. Not bad and if they're on sale I might pick them up again.

Here's Sarah's motivational video for today!

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites omelet, spinach, 1/4c light feta cheese 1pp, 2 slices of Lou's peameal bacon, grapefruit and a glass of milk, fat free cream for coffee Simply Filling plus 1pp

Lunch: 2 spring rolls with rice wrappers 2pp, cucumber, green onion, carrots and imitation crab, 3 Tbsp spicy peanut satay sauce 1pp, yogurt and watermelon Simply Filling +3pp
Snack: frozen latte slushie which was just a weight watchers vanilla smoothie packet I found, strong cold coffee and sweetener added lots of ice and blended I also grabbed a banana Simply Filling

Dinner: Baked potato, steamed broccoli, 3 Tbsp salsa con queso or cheese sauce 2pp, extra lean ground beef with some fajita seasoning, green onions, salsa and fat free sour cream, and a berry cobbler for dessert Simply Filling + 2pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

  • Water: 10c so far
  • Weekly points: 24-11=13
  • Activity points: 10 so far
  • Activity pt balance: 31
  • Exercise: 45 minute walk, 50 minute bike ride and walked around a big mall
  • Steps: 15,093 so far

Thoughts: I definitely went outside my comfort zone today when I bought a swimsuit for my vacation in June. Glad I did it though. Lots of exercise and fresh air today I should sleep like a baby.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Simply Filling is so hard!

Just kidding!! Simply filling is the easiest plan to follow and it doesn't have to be boring. You just have to take time to plan so that what you choose you will look forward to having and enjoy the journey.

For instance this morning I made a banana split which was Simply Filling +0pp it tasted decadent yet it was Simply Filling +0pp. And if you have children setting up a breakfast buffet with different ingredients and letting them choose to make their own banana splits would be so much fun.

Tonight I have a board meeting where they serve dinner and I'm very lucky that they usually have healthy choices. I'll just make the best choices that I can.

Oh and half the day I didn't have my fitbit on so I was lucky to squeeze in a late walk to get some.

Here's Sarah's motivation for today!

Breakfast: banana split, banana, strawberries, 0% vanilla Greek yogurt, Ezekiel cereal, 4g mini chocolate chips 0pp and a drizzle of sf chocolate sauce Simply Filling + 0pp

Lunch: salad, leftover steak, 30g light feta cheese 1pp, 1 Tbsp Bolthouse balsamic vinaigrette 0pp, 1 tsp olive oil Simply Filling + 1pp

Dinner at a meeting: yellow and green beans with carrots, asparagus stuffed chicken breast, potato and salad with a tsp of dressing I'm just going to go with it as I have no idea of the ingredients

Other: glass of red wine 5pp

Water: 10c so far
Weekly points: 30-6=24
Activity points: 19+2=21
Steps: 7,384 so far
Exercise: 28 minute walk to meeting

Thoughts: Well it's the first time I've forgotten my fitbit in a long time but I still managed to grab a couple of activity points. I made great choices at the meeting and feel good. I was a little upset earlier as I had a couple of snarky comments about it being so sweet but just think it was just fruit, yogurt, Ezekiel cereal and a very small amount of chocolate chips. I enjoyed it and due to the Greek yogurt it had lots of protein. Ugh sometimes the weight watchers police just get to me.

Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm walking on sunshine

Got to love the title! That's how I've been feeling the last few days. Hard to explain but very content with myself lately.

Smile of the day. I'm making my salad for lunch and Ralph looks over my shoulder and says "you sure like to eat" :) Then told me I'm a total foodie. He's too cute!

Walked for 80+ minutes today. Not the greatest weather but I got it done!
I ate lunch early because I had to leave for the bus and by the time I was on the bus going home I realized I was hungry. So I reached into my grocery bag and had.... a banana :)

Here's Sarah's messy Monday video. Enjoy

Breakfast: 1/2c egg whites, spinach, onion, cherry tomatoes, light feta cheese 1pp, grapefruit and fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling + 1pp

Lunch: Taco salad with 2 Tbsp cheese sauce 1pp, 2 olives 0pp home made tortilla chips from light flatout, salsa and meatless crumbles Simply Filling + 1pp
Snack: a bowl of watermelon Simply Filling

Dinner: Roast chicken, broccoli,1 tsp light marg 0pp, potato, olive oil, low sodium gravy 0pp, berries and light yogurt Simply Filling

Other: glass of red wine, banana 5pp

  • Water: 10 cups
  • Weekly points: 43-7=36
  • Activity points: so far 7
  • Activity points balance: 19
  • Steps: 13,412 so far
  • Exercise: 80+ minutes of walking

Thoughts: I'm proud of the way I handled the late afternoon munchies by grabbing a banana could have been much worse. Exercise was great as was meeting up with friends.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's all about balance!

Today was my weigh in day and although I was up last week I'm choosing to focus on today!

I was down -3.7 lbs from last week so I'm very happy.

I knew I was going to be doing an hour walk as well as a 50 minute bike ride so my plan was to eat so that I had lots of energy.

I had a wonderful breakfast all simply filling, a light lunch simply filling, picked up a fat free cappuccino while I was out and a steak dinner. All the while knowing I was still on plan. Oh and I've planned for a glass of wine later :) For me that's a perfect day.

New to me find in Zehrs/Loblaws today: 1pp for 2 tbsp! I'm going to have some over a baked potato

Breakfast: baked berry oatmeal, fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: lots of fresh veggies, a huge apple and some chicken breast Simply Filling

Extra: fat free sugar free cappuccino Simply Filling
No pic as I took my reusable thermos so you couldn't see it anyway
Dinner: steak, butternut squash, potato, onion, mushrooms, 2 tsp olive oil, mini waffle bowl 1pp with light yogurt/banana/1 tsp mini chocolate chips 0pp Simply Filling +1pp

Extra: glass of red wine 5pp

  • Water: 8c so far
  • Weekly points: 49-6=43pp
  • Activity points: 12
  • Steps: 14,622 so far
  • Exercise: 55 minute walk, 50 minute bike ride

Thoughts: Wow I managed to squeek in a lot of exercise today! Tomorrow I'm hopefully meeting up with my walking group so that should be another good day.
Very happy with my food choices today, enjoyed every bite.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beautiful day

Yes it's a gorgeous day out and it's even warming up a bit but I'm working 2-10 so I'll miss most of it.
Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too so hopefully I'll get out on a nice walk then.

I stayed away from the nutella and the donuts yesterday. I'm pretty much over the nutella I only crave things like that when they first come out so I shouldn't have any trouble with them today.

Hope you are enjoying Sarah's videos here's today's! She doesn't post everyday but I try not to miss any :)

Breakfast: baked banana chocolate chip french toast, fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling +1pp for the chocolate chips

Lunch: salad, chicken, 1 Tbsp bolthouse balsamic vinaigrette 0pp, 2 tsp olive oil, and some blackberries Simply Filling

At work: tuna, veggies, fruit and yogurt Simply Filling

  • Water: 9c
  • Weekly pts: 36-1=35pp
  • Activity pts 9+5=14
  • Steps: 11,027
  • Exercise: Did some arm exercises with weights plus running around at work

Thoughts: Exhausted tonight but other than that a good day! Hoping to get out on the bike tomorrow.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Simply Filling

I'm so happy to be doing Simply Filling again. Why? Because it means that I've decreased the amount of sugar and processed foods that I'm eating. It doesn't mean I don't eat any processed foods it just lowers how much I eat. I'm definitely not the food police either. Your decisions are your choices and that's fine.

One thing I will be doing while following Simply Filling is to track, everything. Food, water, steps and the good health guidelines. I'm even taking daily notes of what's working and what I could focus on more.

My new week starts on Sunday and next week my focus is tracking! Honest tracking. Every lick, taste and bite. If you'd like to join me doing this that would be great :) I'm going to try to have a new goal every week and if you would like to suggest some weekly goals please let me know.

I also realize that some products here in Canada my American friends may not have seen before or they could be power foods. If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Food find for today: these are a loblaws/zehrs brand and just 1pp filling with yogurt and fruit and you've got a nice snack!

Today I'm working. Working around donuts and other junk food means I need to focus on a couple of things. One is drinking my water. If I'm on top of my water I'm not hungry therefore donuts lose their appeal. Another thing is to take foods that I enjoy and because I don't get a lot of time for breaks my foods of choice are cut up veggies, fruits, yogurt, cheese, proteins.

Here's another motivational video from Sarah! Enjoy

Today's food

Breakfast: 1/2c egg whites, spinach, 1 tsp oil, polenta, 20g light feta, 1 cup milk Simply Filling+1pp

Lunch: toufayan whole wheat pocket, lifestyle ham, light cheese 1pp, veggies, grapefruit Simply Filling + 1pp

At work: veggies, apple, yogurt and chicken Simply Filling

After work: red wine 5pp
  • Water: 8 cups
  • Weekly pts: 43-7=36
  • Activity pts: 2+7=9
  • Steps:13,727
  • Exercise: just grocery shopping and work
Thoughts: bought lots of groceries today. Work was busy but I stayed away from the donuts and the nutella :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015


I cannot believe that we had some snow overnight!! Thankfully it's pretty much melted now but really it's April soon to be May????

So back to daily posting. Doing things in my head without writing them down does not work. Ugh. Nor does thinking oh I get lots of water in without keeping track of it. The scale showed me the truth this morning. Now onto damage control. Simply Filling will keep me on track.

Today I spent time cleaning out my fridge, cleaning the kitchen and making a grocery list for tomorrow.

Here's Sarah's think about it Thursday! I love, love how she helps to motivate me. Just click on the link. You won't regret it.

I read a great tip today. Put a post it on your cupboard door or fridge and every time you take a bite, lick or taste put a mark on the paper. At the end of the day 1 mark=1pp. You will soon stop taking bites, licks and tastes!

Next week I need to go shopping for a few clothes for my holiday and I need to buy a swim suit. Do you know how many years it's been since I wore a swim suit?? Oh boy! I did see a cute one yesterday with a sort of skort bottom and a top that would hide things that I don't want seen but I have no idea what it will look like on.

A new to me find today. As you know I'm in Canada and it's not always easy to find low pt items. Silani light feta cheese crumbles 1/4c or 30g is 1pp!! As you know it's a very strong tasting cheese so a little goes a long way :) The nutrition stats on the back are for 1/2 cup.

Daily food

Breakfast: baked pumpkin cranberry oatmeal, fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: 1 egg, 2 egg whites omelet with veggies, 30g or 1/4c silani light feta cheese crumbled 1pp, 1 slice toast, 1/2 tsp light becel pro-active 0pp, berries Simply Filling + 1pp
Snack: banana and a cafe au lait Simply Filling

Dinner: whole wheat pasta, home made sauce and meatballs,  Simply Filling

Other: glass of red wine 5pp
  • Water: 6 cups so far
  • Weekly pts: 49-6=43 New week starts on Sunday
  • Activity pts: 2 
  • Steps: 6,908
  • Exercise:Went for a cold windy walk with the hubs for 30 minutes

A good day! I'll be glad to get fresh veggies and fruits tomorrow.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Playing games in my head

So I was figuring out my menu for today. I have breakfast and foods to take to work figured out and I was figuring out what to have for lunch. Well I had points left and was looking to see if I could fit a small nutella packet in. Well it's 8pp for the donut and 4pp for the itsy bitsy pastry pocket. Ummmm whether or not I have enough points I'm not going there. Oh the mind wants to tell me that it's all good I could stop at one and enjoy it but history tells me that's stinkin' thinkin'. Nope not going there at all. I'm going to stay strong.

That's one of the reasons I'm a yo yoer. Up and down all the time. I'm determined to stop it. This is the year I will get to goal. I have a lot of support from you guys and thank you so much for that.

Here's a great dose of motivation! Click here

Breakfast: 2 omega 3 eggs, back bacon, toast, 1 tsp becel pro active marg 0pp, blood orange and 4 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: toufayan pocket, tuna salad, veggies, pear with 1 tsp brown sugar 0pp and walnut pieces 1pp Simply Filling + 1pp

At work: Big mac salad 1pp including 1 tsp olive oil, I will buy a mini whole wheat bun 3pp Simply Filling + 4pp

Weekly points: tomorrow is a new week 12-5=7pp
Exercise: just standing on my feet for 8 hours :)
Steps: 10,729

Friday, April 17, 2015

Step away!

That's right it's back to work today and I'm walking into a store filled with Nutella goodies!! I will not touch one, not even a crumb :) Update it was hard and I had a couple of hard sugar free candies but I stayed strong while everyone I worked with ate some!

Breakfast: banana cottage cheese oatmeal pancakes, 1 1/2 Tbsp sf pancake syrup 0pp, 4 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: veggies, home made tortilla chips which I over cooked, blood orange, individual pumpkin pie with Greek yogurt mixed with a little sweetener and cinnamon for the icing simply filling

At work: home made vegetarian chili, I'll buy a small whole wheat soup bun 3pp, apple simply filling + 3pp

Snack: pear simply filling

Weekly points: 15-3=12
Water: 11 cups
Exercise: just at work on my feet for 8 hours
Steps: 10,775

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Signs of spring

To get my walking in today I walked back from the mall. Took me 63 minutes! It will all be green soon.

Breakfast: 2 slices bread, egg whites, skim milk, cinnamon and sweetener to make French toast, frozen sliced strawberries thawed, 1 1/2 Tbsp sf pancake syrup 0pp, 4 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: Salad, 1/2 can of tuna in water, light mayo 1pp, 12g raw pistachios 2pp, 1 tbsp memories of Thailand dressing 1pp, berries and yogurt Simply Filling + 4pp

Dinner: whole wheat pasta, extra lean meatballs with sauce, peppers and mushrooms, parmesan cheese 1pp Simply Filling +1pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

Weekly pts: 25-10=15pp
Exercise: 1 hour walk
Water: 10c so far
Steps: 12,502 so far