Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly weigh in and 5K practice walk

I have to admit I was surprised when I weighed in today and was down -1.7 lbs! I'll very happily take that any week :)

I have decided to walk a 5K every Sunday to get ready for my 5k walking race on May 10. I woke up and wasn't really in the mood to do it but after stepping on the scale I perked right up and had no problem getting it done. Some days are just like that. We don't always want to do what we know we need to do. Just do it.

The first 5K practice: 62 minutes
The second 5K practice 58 minutes
and today's 5K practice 57 minutes

Breakfast: baked banana toffee nut French toast I substituted 7g of skor toffee pieces instead of the chocolate chips today, 5 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 6pp

Lunch: fresh veggies, light cheese, 0% plain Greek yogurt for dip mixed with fajita seasoning and yogurt with 1/2c blueberries 4pp

Dinner: Meatball spinach tortellini soup 1 1/2c, 1 tbsp parmaesan cheese, apple 8pp

Other: 6oz red wine, special K bar double chocolate with protein 9pp

Water: 9c so far
Steps: 12,351 so far


kelly said...

Would you please share the soup recipe.

Suzanne said...

Just click on the soup name and it links to the soup :)

kelly said...

Thank you.