Saturday, March 14, 2015

Keeping it going

Tomorrow is weigh in day and last week I was up a bit so today I'm going to make sure I stick to plan. I purposely made Sunday weigh in day to help me to stay on track at work Friday and Saturday!

Today as I said is a work day so nothing else major going on.

I need to start training for my 5K walking race on May 10 so I will be doing a 5K once a week to try to improve my time :) I will be doing my first one tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also weigh in day.

Breakfast: Brownie waffle, 1 1/2 Tbsp sf syrup, banana, 5T fat free cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: spicy flatout pizza with light cheese and veggies, strawberries, yogurt and a fibre one brownie 8pp

At work: veggies, smoked cheese, apple and light beef 5pp

After work: glass of wine 5pp

Total pts used: 26
Activity pts earned: 4
Steps: 9,800

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