Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bike ride #2

Not a lot of steps today because I was cleaning the house :) I did go on a 30 bike ride but there were huge puddles on the sidewalks so I didn't get out on a walk

Breakfast: 1/2c egg substitute 1pp, 2 lilydale turkey sausages 2pp, 1/2c hashbrowns 2pp, 1 tsp oil 1pp, 1/2 grapefruit 0pp, 5T fat free cream 1pp Total=7pp

Lunch: leftover tuna noodle casserole 8pp, apple 0pp Total=8pp

Dinner: spicy Italian flat out 3pp, 30g light cheese 2pp, veggies 0pp, pineapple 0pp, ham 0pp, 1/4c pizza sauce 0pp, apple Total=5pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp, yogurt 1pp, banana Total=6pp

Water: 9c
Total pts used: 26
Weekly pts used: 0
Weekly pts balance: 39
Activity pts earned: 3
Activity pts balance: 24
Steps: 6,916

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