Friday, March 6, 2015

Better today!

I woke up feeling great. Thank goodness!

I did get a good nights sleep last night and I think that always helps.

Today it's back to work.

Breakfast: brownie waffle 6pp, strawberries 0pp, 1 1/2 tbsp sf pancake syrup 0pp, 5T fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=7pp

Lunch: iced chocolate caramel cappuccino without whipped cream 2pp, chicken orzo soup 3pp, 2 slices light bread 2pp, 1 slice cheese 1pp, 20g extra lean ham 0pp Total=8pp

At work: 2x light babybel cheese 2pp, protini chicken and cranberries 3pp, veggie 0pp, orange 0pp and I'll eat 2 plain timbits or donut holes at work as a treat 4pp Total=9pp

Extra: 1/2oz raw almonds 2pp

Water:8 cups
Total pts used: 26
Weekly pts used: 0
Weekly pts balance:40
Activity pts earned:8
Activity pts balance:34

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