Saturday, February 21, 2015

Will the snow can stop any time soon?

Let me say I love snow but even I'm more than ready for spring :) Can't believe it snowing again today!

Breakfast: Egg McSuzi with ww English muffin 3pp, lean ham 0pp, 13g cheese 1pp, 1 egg 2pp, yogurt 1pp and apple sauteed with 1 tsp brown sugar 0pp and 1 tsp olive oi 1pp, 5T fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=9pp

Lunch: salad, light dressing 2pp, parmesan cheese 1pp, 2 oz chicken 2pp, 1 slice of bread for croutons 2pp, banana Total=7pp

At  work: veggies, strawberries, tuna mixed with some dressing 2pp, almonds 3pp, chocolate/pb protein bar 5pp Total=10pp

  • Total pts used=26
  • Water= 9 cups
  • Weekly pts used=0
  • Weekly pts balance=41
  • Activity pts earned=8
  • Activity pts used=0
  • Activity pts balance=30
  • Steps=15,368

1 comment:

Sean Anderson said...

"Egg McSuzi," Love this. Stay warm, my friend!!