Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We've got to keep moving!

I really do think what you eat probably makes up 80% of weight loss but getting in extra movement is just as important.

I'm 53 and I have early heart disease and I've had psoriatic arthritis since I was 22. I know that days I don't get off my butt and get a walk in or at least some kind of exercise in I feel terrible the next morning. The joints are stiff which makes me want to exercise even less. Put 2 or 3 of those days together and it's not pretty.

This is why I choose walking as my main exercise. It's easy, I love listening to music and I enjoy it. Now I am also picking up weights or doing body weight exercise as I want strength as well. My doctor always says use it or lose it!!

So off on a 55 minute walk I went this morning even though it was blistering cold. After 15 minutes or so my body warmed up and I thoroughly enjoy the walk.
And now it's snowing again!

Breakfast: baked oatmeal 5pp with pineapple and 2g unsweetened coconut 0pp, 5 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=6pp

Lunch: Toufayan wrap 3pp, with baby spinach 0pp, ham 1pp, egg whites 1pp, cucumber 0pp and a fat free pudding 2pp with peaches 0pp Total=7pp

Dinner: High Liner pan sear haddock in light breading 5pp, McCain low fat fries baked in the oven 3pp, carrots 0pp Total=8pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp
I also had an apple and some granola balls 2pp

Water: 8 cups so far
Total daily pts used: 26/26
Weekly pts used: 2
Weekly pts balance: 47
Activity pts earned: 5 so far
Activity pts used: 0
Activity pts balance: 12
Steps: 11,530

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FogDog said...

Good for you getting a walk in despite the cold. I'm ready for winter to be over!

-FogDog's Weight Loss