Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 27

Well all I have to say is that it's freezing out today!!

It didn't however stop me from going for a walk. I did make sure I was totally bundled up.

Breakfast: baked banana walnut oatmeal 6pp, fat free cream for my coffees today 2pp total=8pp

Lunch: cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, light cheese 2pp, Schneiders lifestyle turkey breast 1pp, 1/2c berries and a fat free sugar free green tea latte that I made using 1 cup of skim milk 2pp total=5pp

Dinner: 3 oz haddock using cornmeal for breading 3pp, 3 oz baked fries with 2 tsp olive oil 4pp, small salad 0pp, 2 Tbsp bolthouse dressing 1pp total=8pp

Other: 6 oz red wine 5pp

Water: 7 cups so far today
Daily points used: 26
Weekly points used: 0
Weekly balance: 34         TOMORROW is a new week starting
Activity points earned: 4 so far today
Activity points used:0
Activity points balance:26
Steps:9,506 but I will get it to 10,000 before I go to bed :)


Kate said...

I would love the recipe for your baked oatmeal, it looks delicious.

Suzanne said...

Ugh I have to remember to put the links in my posts!!
I used this basic recipe and added a mashed banana, a little vanilla and 7g of walnuts for 6pp