Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 23

Forgot to post this last night!

Went to the grocery store and spent 60 dollars with not much to show for it!!

Day 23 of 30 minutes walking a day for 30 days done. Ralph and I walked back from the mall for  minutes of walking today.
Ralph made me a valentine!

Breakfast: oat bran, banana, 1 tsp brown sugar, 1 tsp oil, 7g walnuts 1pp, fat free cream for coffees

Lunch: veggies, chicken with some hot wing sauce, yogurt, banana and 1 fibre one chocolate chip cookie 2pp lunch=simplyfilling+2pp

Dinner: whole wheat pasta, shrimp, tomato basil sauce, 1 tsp oil dinner=simplyfilling


Beverly Mazzo said...

Suzanne, always enjoy seeing what you eat every day. It always looks so good!!! Just wondering if you ever have snacks. I don't think I have ever saw you mention it.

Suzanne said...

I rarely snack, the only thing I have after dinner would be a glass of wine that I track. I find snacks make me want to eat, eat and eat. I know it works for others but not for me.

cheryl said...

my day is not complete until I read your daily seeing your meals and the beautiful pics you always post