Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 17

Went out for a 50 minute walk this morning. It was very hard to walk as we had more snow last night.

Today I caught up on cleaning the house. Always feels great when things are clean and tidy.

Breakfast: pumpkin waffle, sugar free pancake syrup 1pp, blueberries and fat free cream for coffees breakfast=simplyfilling+1pp

Lunch: romaine lettuce, 2 Tbsp light Caesar dressing 2pp, cherry tomatoes, green onion, shrimp, chips made from a toufayan smart pocket with olive oil and spices and some cantaloupe on the side lunch=simplyfilling+2pp

Dinner: vegetarian chili, cornbread muffin and 1 tsp butter 1pp dinner=simplyfilling+1pp

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