Monday, February 2, 2015

Day 15 weekly weigh in

I walked around the house a bit and walked around a mall before work today to get my 30 minutes of walking everyday for 30 days. Too much snow to go outside for a walk today.  Knee is holding up!

Today is weigh in day and I honestly didn't track for 2 days after hurting my knee. Stupid I know but what's done is done. This week I would say I ate all my weeklies and my activity points and still managed a -.4 loss. Not too much but way better than a gain.

Breakfast: I made the giant breakfast gingerbread cookie into small ones today with some yogurt and blueberries, fat free cream for coffees breakfast=simplyfilling

Lunch: spinach salad with 2 leftover meatballs and grapefruit, 2 Tbsp Bolthouse mango chipotle dressing 1pp, creamy jello lunch=simplyfilling+1pp

At work: veggies, chicken, applesauce, light cheese, almonds 2pp, individual pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake 3pp dinner=simplyfilling+5pp

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