Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm still here!

Had a rough couple of days but I'm not giving up!

Trying to figure out what works best for me. I like doing points plus but I think I also need to use some weeklies as I am pretty active and my daily points are only 26pp.

Yesterday didn't track at all but that's yesterday.

So back to regular programming.

Breakfast: 1/3c oats 3pp, sauce made with frozen strawberries 0pp, 1 egg white 0pp, 5 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=4pp

Lunch: Caesar salad, lettuce 0pp, 2 Tbsp light dressing 2pp, 2 Tbsp parmesan cheese 1pp, low sodium pre cooked bacon 1pp, 1 slice light bread made into croutons 1pp, rice roller 1pp

Dinner: 3oz chicken 3pp, leftover cheesy broccoli potatoes 6pp, 1/2c mixed veggies 1pp, lower sodium gravy 0pp, home made sf cranberry sauce 0pp, banana 0pp, jello temptations mousse 2pp, 1/2 serving light whipped cream 0pp, 1 Tbsp chocolate cookie topping 1pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp, 1 individual pkg of ritz crackers 3pp Total=8pp

Water: 10c so far
Total daily pts used today: 26
Weekly pts used: 5
Weekly pts balance: 42
Activity pts earned: 4 so far
Activity pts used: 0
Activity pts balance: 30
Steps: 9,915 so far

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grocery shopping day!

It's not the grocery shopping that I mind but it's the trudging the groceries home on foot through the snow that's nasty! Sometimes not having a car is the pits.

I did go on a walk on the way to the grocery store to get some extra steps and I'm also going to a big mall with Ralph this afternoon. Walking indoors is definitely easier.

I found a few new to me things today so if  you're Canadian you should be able to find them.

This bread I found at walmart canada 1 slice/1pp 2 slices/2pp 3 slices/3pp

Trying to plan my menu for the week but my mojo isn't turned on today :) Oh well I'll work on it bit by bit. Do what you can when you can!

Breakfast: Giant chocolate banana breakfast cookie 5pp to get 5pp I used egg whites instead of an egg, yogurt 1pp, 5Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=7pp

Lunch: Chicken orzo soup 3pp, yogurt and fruit 1pp Total=4pp

Dinner: ham 2pp, cheesy potato and broccoli 6pp, green beans 0pp, baked pear 0pp, 1 tsp honey 1pp, 7g walnuts 1pp Total=10pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp

Water: 9c
Total pts used:26
Weekly pts used:0
Weekly pts balance:47
Activity pts earned: 4 so far
Activity pts used: 0
Activity pts balance: 16
Steps:10,877 so far :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We've got to keep moving!

I really do think what you eat probably makes up 80% of weight loss but getting in extra movement is just as important.

I'm 53 and I have early heart disease and I've had psoriatic arthritis since I was 22. I know that days I don't get off my butt and get a walk in or at least some kind of exercise in I feel terrible the next morning. The joints are stiff which makes me want to exercise even less. Put 2 or 3 of those days together and it's not pretty.

This is why I choose walking as my main exercise. It's easy, I love listening to music and I enjoy it. Now I am also picking up weights or doing body weight exercise as I want strength as well. My doctor always says use it or lose it!!

So off on a 55 minute walk I went this morning even though it was blistering cold. After 15 minutes or so my body warmed up and I thoroughly enjoy the walk.
And now it's snowing again!

Breakfast: baked oatmeal 5pp with pineapple and 2g unsweetened coconut 0pp, 5 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=6pp

Lunch: Toufayan wrap 3pp, with baby spinach 0pp, ham 1pp, egg whites 1pp, cucumber 0pp and a fat free pudding 2pp with peaches 0pp Total=7pp

Dinner: High Liner pan sear haddock in light breading 5pp, McCain low fat fries baked in the oven 3pp, carrots 0pp Total=8pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp
I also had an apple and some granola balls 2pp

Water: 8 cups so far
Total daily pts used: 26/26
Weekly pts used: 2
Weekly pts balance: 47
Activity pts earned: 5 so far
Activity pts used: 0
Activity pts balance: 12
Steps: 11,530

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly weigh in

This week I've been following points plus.
My daily point allowance is 26.
I used all 26 points daily.
I used 12 of my 49 so I had a balance of 37pp left.
I earned 36 activity points
I used 0 of my activity points.
This week I lost: -1.4

What a great day I had today :)
Met up with my walking group, stopped and picked up some wraps and had great choices for dinner at a meeting!
The white container is a liquid crystal light container that I measured my creamer in to use while I was out and about. Works great and doesn't leak.

Breakfast: egg white omelet 1pp, 1 tsp oil 1pp, 80g polenta 1pp, cherry tomatoes, 1 slice toast 2pp, 1 tsp butter 1pp, 1/2 grapefruit, 5T ff cream for coffees 1pp Total=8pp

Lunch: veggies, turkey 1pp, apple, granola balls 2pp and yogurt 1pp Total=4pp forgot to put the yogurt in the picture. I also had green tea with ginger slices :)

Dinner: at a meeting! pretty sure it was less than 9pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Last chance workout

Tomorrow's weigh in day so today's the last chance to get a great workout in to end a fantastic week!

I'm really enjoying doing points plus this week and I'm going to continue for a while longer. When I need a change I'll go back to Simply Filling.

Breakfast: hot oat bran 3pp made with 1 cup skim milk 2pp, banana 0pp, 7g walnuts 1pp, 1/2 Tbsp 0pp, 5T fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=7pp

Lunch: 1 egg 2pp, 2 egg whites 1pp, 13g cheese 1pp, veggies, pineapple/strawberries 0pp, 1 tsp oil 1pp, Total=5pp

Dinner: boneless pork loin chop 3 oz 4pp, roasted veggies 0pp, 3oz potato 2pp, 2 tsp oil 2pp Total=8pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp, light yogurt  1pp Total=6pp

Total pts used: 26
Water:8 cups so far
Weekly pts used: 0
Weekly pts balance: 41
Activity pts earned: 4
Activity pts used:0
Activity pts balance:34
Steps: 11,575 so far

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Will the snow can stop any time soon?

Let me say I love snow but even I'm more than ready for spring :) Can't believe it snowing again today!

Breakfast: Egg McSuzi with ww English muffin 3pp, lean ham 0pp, 13g cheese 1pp, 1 egg 2pp, yogurt 1pp and apple sauteed with 1 tsp brown sugar 0pp and 1 tsp olive oi 1pp, 5T fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=9pp

Lunch: salad, light dressing 2pp, parmesan cheese 1pp, 2 oz chicken 2pp, 1 slice of bread for croutons 2pp, banana Total=7pp

At  work: veggies, strawberries, tuna mixed with some dressing 2pp, almonds 3pp, chocolate/pb protein bar 5pp Total=10pp

  • Total pts used=26
  • Water= 9 cups
  • Weekly pts used=0
  • Weekly pts balance=41
  • Activity pts earned=8
  • Activity pts used=0
  • Activity pts balance=30
  • Steps=15,368

Friday, February 20, 2015

Back to work

Since I'm off to work soon today I chose to pick up some weights rather than going for a walk. I will try to get my steps in at work.

I'm also doing a challenge with an online friend to do 10 squats every time I go in the bathroom today :)

Breakfast: French toast with banana and peanut butter. 2x bread 3pp, 1/2c egg substitute 1pp, 2 Tbsp skim milk 0pp, sweetener and cinnamon 0pp, banana 0pp, 2 Tbsp pb2 1pp, 1 Tbsp sugar free pancake syrup 0pp, 5Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 1pp Total=6pp

Lunch: Toufayan pocket 2pp, 1/3c tuna 1pp, Bolthouse dressing 1pp, veggies, 1/2c grapefruit, special K double chocolate bar 4pp Total=8pp

At work: veggies, turkey 1pp, blueberries, yogurt 1pp,  17g almonds 3pp, 1 plain timbit 2pp Total=7pp

Other: 6oz red wine 5pp

  • Total daily points used: 26
  • Water: 8c
  • Weekly pts used: 0
  • Weekly pt balance: 41
  • Activity pts earned: 3
  • Activity pts used:0
  • Activity pts balance: 22
  • Steps: 8,386

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What a wonderful day!

Sorry for all the pictures today but I had so much fun!! We went on a trip to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto and it was amazing.

While everyone else was having hamburgers/chicken fingers/hot dogs and fries and pop and looked for a healthier choice and found edamame, fresh fruit, raw veggies and ranch dip :) Totally satisfied and stayed within my daily points today!!! It can be done!

Breakfast: 1/2c egg substitute omelet 1pp, 1 tsp olive oil 1pp, 1/2 grapefruit 0pp, 1 slice bread 2pp, 1 tsp butter 1pp, fat free cream for coffees including some I took with me 1pp Total=6pp

At the aquarium: edamame 6pp, fresh fruit 0pp, raw veggies 0pp, small amount of ranch dip 3pp and water Total=9pp best guess

Dinner: salad 0pp, veggies 0pp, 3 oz chicken 3p, 2 Tbsp bolthouse dressing 1pp, banana 0pp, granola balls 2pp Total=6pp

Other: 6 oz red wine 5pp

  • Daily pts used: 26
  • Water: 8 cups so far
  • Weekly pts used: 0pp Balance: 41 because I used some last night
  • Ap's earned: 2 so far
  • Ap's used: 0
  • Ap balance: 17
  • Steps so far: 9,216 so far

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 30

At the end of my 30 minute walks every day for 30 days! I actually did a 50 minute walk for speed today :)
Oh I found something new while I was grocery shopping in Zehrs so if you're in Canada look for it in the organic section. 1 pkg of granola balls = 2pp I'll be trying them tomorrow.

Breakfast: brownie waffle 6pp, 1/2 banana 0pp, 2 Tbsp pb2 1pp, 1 Tbsp maple syrup 1pp, 5T fat free cream for coffees 1pp total=9pp

Lunch: 3 oz chicken 3pp, peppers, onion, 2 tsp olive oil 2pp, 30g light cheese 2pp, 0% plain Greek yogurt 0pp total=7pp

Dinner: quickly made soup with chicken and whole wheat pasta 4pp, blueberries and yogurt 1pp total=5pp

Other: 6 oz red wine=5pp

Daily pts used: 26
Water: 8 cups so far
Weekly used: 0 Balance: 49
Ap's earned: 6
Ap's used: 0
Ap balance: 14
Steps so far: 13,293