Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekly weigh in!

Weekly weigh in!
I followed simply filling
I used all my weekly 49 points
I used 22 of my 34 activity points
And I lost -2.0!!
I'm definitely happy with that

I shall be glad to get out tomorrow for at least one walk and probably another on the way to a meeting! For today I moved for another 30 minutes before going to work.


Jessica said...

Congrats on a great WI :)

Marji Morris said...

I made the brownie waffles today for lunch. Mine weren't quite as dark as yours. I used a small whole egg instead of an egg white, but I figured that wouldn't make any diff. About the sweetener--I put in one packet and then tasted the batter and didn't think it was quite sweet enough so I then added some splenda. Since I had one waffle and gave the other to hubby, I may put more cocoa in the next time. I ate mine with a spoonful of vanilla greek yogurt on top. Bill went with syrup.

Suzanne said...

The cocoa I use is pretty dark I'd just double the amount to get it darker. Yes I often use 2 sweeteners :)