Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekly weigh in

I'm following simply filling with Weight Watchers online.

Weekly points used: 49
Activity points earned: 39
Activity points used: 7
Weigh in: -1.9 lbs

I'm very happy with today's weigh in!

Today I convinced Ralph to go to the walking group with me. We actually walk about 20 minutes to get there and 20 minutes back plus the walking we did on the indoor track :) Lot's of activity points earned today! So cold out though!!

These were my fitbit stats at 4pm today :)

Breakfast: egg cups made with egg substitute, green pepper, green onion, 1 lilydale turkey sausage 1pp and 1 mini light babybel cheese 1pp, berries, polenta, olive oil and cherry tomatoes breakfast=simplyfilling+2pp

Lunch: veggies, small can of tomato basil tuna, yogurt, blueberries and a bit of fiber one cereal lunch=simplyfilling

Dinner: salmon, brown rice and cabbage with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil dinner=simplyfilling

1 comment:

Karla said...

Hey lady :) awesome weigh in! a tad cold in your neck of the woods :P