Monday, December 29, 2014

Weigh in day

I have to admit that last week I had 3 different Christmas dinners plus more wine than I usually have. So this morning after convincing myself that it was weigh in day and that I had to jump on the scale no matter what excuse I could come up with I jumped on. I looked at the number and was almost in tears. Went to the kitchen and grabbed my journal that I write my #'s in and looked at last week and realized that I was actually down -.2 lbs!! Oh happy day indeed. May not be much but I will take it and run with in :)

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning the house but still got out for a 50 minute walk.
I also stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of things and found these wall stickers which I'm going to put in my workout room :)

Breakfast: omelet of one egg and two egg whites, 1 tsp oil, polenta, ham, cherries and fat free cream for coffee breakfast=Simply Filling

Snack: clementine

Lunch: veggies, 2 oz chicken, yogurt with blueberries and a little Ezekiel cereal lunch=Simply Filling

Dinner: leftover cheesy taco cabbage casserole 1pp, brown rice dinner=Simply Filling plus 1pp

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