Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sweet Christmas present!

I was so happy when I opened this box that was delivered this morning :) Should keep me happy for a while!
Went on an hours walk :) Misty out today! Weird for Christmas time.

I did the same today that I did on Tuesday. We're invited to a dinner tonight so I planned breakfast and lunch today, drank my water and got some walking in. I will do my best at dinner, I'll have some wine and will have fun and enjoy the company.

This is our last Christmas dinner out thank goodness. We're having a quiet dinner at home tomorrow mostly on plan but I will have a high point individual dessert and wine as my indulgences that I have planned for.

No stress, no guilt!

Breakfast: omelet with veggies and turkey, polenta, yogurt and blackberries, ff cream for coffees breakfast = Simply filling

Lunch: old el paso tortilla bowl 2pp, salad, chicken, salsa, Greek yogurt, 15g light cheese 1pp I forgot to add the cheese :) and yogurt and sf cranberry sauce lunch= simply filling +2pp

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