Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let's get it done!

Wow after being off for Christmas being on my feet for 8 hours straight sure was harder than before!

I've had arthritis for years and I will say that sugar plays a number on my joints. They're much better when no sugar is touched.

So now it's time for back to normal.

I worked to afternoon shifts including last night then this morning was an early morning shift!! Ugh I am not a morning person :)

I did plan my food for today and managed to stick to the plan. The only added item was a shot of espresso to add to my coffee on my break. Definitely needed it.

Tomorrow will be back to walking as today my legs are shot. I even had to take a pain killer which I haven't had to do in a long time.

I'll definitely be glad to be walking again. You will never find the time you must make the time :)

Breakfast: mixed berry breakfast parfait, fat free cream for coffees simply filling

Lunch: roasted chicken breast, veggies, 1/2c cheerios, blueberries, yogurt simply filling

Dinner: Cheesy taco and cabbage casserole! Caesar salad made with light dressing, parmesan cheese and pre-cooked bacon, croutons made from light bread simply filling plus 5pp

1 comment:

Sean Anderson said...

Isn't that the truth!! We must make the time! Your food always looks amazing. Hoping your pain is subsiding. Happy New Year!