Thursday, December 11, 2014

I should know better

I'm having a very hard time staying on plan this month.

I know that I really can't do lots of sugar/junk but I see these recipes that are low in points but honestly just junk food topped with whipped cream and I think to myself oh I can handle just one of those. No I can't. There are certain things that for me I just can't have in my house. Whipped cream is just one of them. It doesn't matter whether dishes are called weight watcher friendly desserts for me I just can't make them and have them in my house. Maybe one day I will but for now I can't. I know for me the hubs would have a few and I'll eat the rest. I really don't need to go there.

The other thing that's making it a hard month is that there are a lot of dinners coming up that I know I have no control over what is served and no I can't take my own food as that would cause a lot of issues and I really would like to enjoy what's offered and the company. So keeping that in mind I think I'm going to go, enjoy what is offered keeping in mind portion sizes etc, making the best choices I can and the minute I leave I'm back to routine. So not an all out binge fest but hopefully a good way to be mindful and have fun!

I also haven't been going out on my walks!! WHAT! Me not walk???? So today I will get some walking, when I'm working this weekend I won't but I'll be getting over 10,000 steps in so I'll be happy with that. Monday I'm also hoping to meet up with my walking group. I'm also planning some weight workouts.

I'm taking it in baby steps.

The other thing that helps me is to blog here. So that's what I'll be doing. Pictures of my daily eats will be coming back too.

How about you? How are you doing?


JustMaxine55 said...

At least you can identify your problem and know what you have to do to correct it. Welcome back!

Di_in_Cville said...

I've been struggling, too, Suzanne. I hit a plateau last October, and because of the lack of success, I've been finding myself backsliding. But, things like that and Christmas are just part of life. I have to say that since starting Simply Filling, I have managed to stay out of the "all or nothing" trap, which I suffered from terribly on PP. And the one thing that has stuck with me is to make the best food choices I can, and to not stuff myself. So, although I'm not losing, I am maintaining my 15 lb. loss. I like your attitude, which is laid back and realistic. I get it about wanting to have a little freedom. I think if we just enjoy as much as we can until we are full, and do our best the rest of the time, I'm hopeful we'll emerge from the holidays having fun, without gainining. That will be an NSV for sure. Happy holidays!