Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Had a couple of meetings today but first I squeezed a 60 minute walk in!

Breakfast: Giant chocolate banana breakfast cookie, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, 1 tsp oil and fat free cream for coffees Breakfast=simply filling

Lunch: beef, veggies, light ranch dip 2pp, yogurt, blueberries Lunch=simply filling + 2pp

Dinner: chicken, potato, 1 tsp oil, low sodium gravy 0pp, corn, sugar free cranberry sauce Dinner=simply filling

Other: 6oz dry red wine 5pp 1 cup of skim milk, cocoa and rum extract :) with a clementine

Weekly points used: 7
Weekly points balance: 31
Activity points earned: 3 so far
Activity points balance: 13

Water: 10c
Exercise: 60 minute walk
5 positives:
1. Stepped on the scale and after yesterday's Christmas part the scale actually went down :)
2. I'm feeling great physically and mentally
3. Had a great walk today
4. Tried and new recipe for breakfast and it came out great!
5. Ralph is feeling better! He's just getting over a bad cold

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