Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting back in the rhythm!

One thing I've learned from Weight watchers and experience is that if I know I'm physically going to be doing more during the day to start off with a good breakfast!

Today I met up with my walking group and I did extra walking on top of that so I fueled up for breakfast :)
Stopped at Starbucks for coffee with my daughter Jen. Just plain coffee for me :)

I definitely feel that I've hopped right back on the wagon. It feels so good to not be struggling to make good choices.

Breakfast: scrambled egg, peameal bacon, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, polenta, 2 slices light toast and 1/2T crofters organic jam 0pp breakfast=simply filling 

Lunch: veggies, banana, yogurt, turkey and a few frozen yogurt drops which are just vanilla yogurt mixed with a little powdered raspberry sf jello lunch=simply filling

Dinner: Caesar salad with crab meat, apple cranberry cobbler dinner=simply filling +1pp for light parmesan cheese

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