Monday, December 22, 2014


Yep the short break is over!

I've decided to not stress myself out this week.

I have several dinners to go to and no idea what will be served. So my plan is to be totally on plan at home, to drink my water and get some walking in. When I'm at the dinners I will enjoy myself, try to choose wisely, and enjoy being with the ones I love!!

So today I've already drank 6 cups of water and I will get more in later. I stayed on plan for my breakfast and my lunch. I'm going to my daughters tonight and will have a blast.

I've planned tomorrow's menu which will be totally on plan as I'm not going out tomorrow.

Breakfast: shredded potato, egg, tomatoes, blackberries and fat free creamer for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: veggies, extra lean ham, plain greek yogurt with Thai seasoning, banana, yogurt and fiber one cereal Simply Filling

I've measured out some bulgur, pearl barley and old fashioned oats for tomorrow's breakfast :)

Have a great day and I'll be back posting tomorrow.

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