Sunday, December 14, 2014

Couch potato? Not!

It's another cold and misty day today. I really didn't want to do any but veg on the couch.

However since I haven't been on a good walk in days I grabbed the husband and off we went on a 65 minute walk. We met a couple of interesting elderly ladies walking a dog and the cutest cat in a pushcart.

Food was great. Water went down easy and now I'm chillaxing with my feet up!

Breakfast: Baked chocolate raspberry oatmeal I used this recipe but added 8 frozen raspberries instead of the banana, fat free creamer for coffees breakfast=simply filling

Lunch: Caesar salad made with some fat free Caesar salad dressing with some lemon juice/garlic powder added, croutons made from light bread, back bacon, light parmesan cheese 1pp and Greek yogurt/fiber one cereal/banana on the side. lunch=simply filling +1pp

Dinner: Leftover shepherd's pie that I put 15g light cheese 1pp, extra veggies and applesauce with cinnamon dinner=simplyfilling + 1pp

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