Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas party!

Every year I make all that cranberry sauce for a Christmas party that is for the agency I volunteer with for people with mental health issues. I always have fun and love seeing so many people I know.
Ralph had fun volunteering as well :)

First I made sure to go out on a walk to get some activity points in. I also packed up some veggies my own stuffing, fruit and yogurt so that I won't have to go near the dessert table :) Since I help to serve the dinner to over 200 people there isn't usually much left by the time I get to eat which is probably a good thing. I did choose a little gravy, potato and turkey and took my own stuffing/veggies/fruit. I call it a win!

I know one small dessert wouldn't have killed me but it would have started a downward spiral into sugar/junk so it's best not to go near the foods that I know trigger binge eating.

The other things I made sure to do was to have a protein filled breakfast and an on plan lunch.

Breakfast: egg, ham, polenta, 1 tsp olive oil, grapefruit, 1 cup of milk and fat free cream for coffees Simply filling

Lunch: coleslaw, tuna with tomato and onion, cherry berry whip Simply Filling

Dinner: Turkey, potato, my stuffing 0pp, veggies, fruit and yogurt and a candy cane 1pp Simply Filling plus 1pp

Other: 6 oz dry red wine 5pp

Weekly points used: 6
Weekly points balance: 37
Activity points earned: 5
Activity points balance: 10

Water: 9
Exercise: 45 minute walk
5 positives:
1. I made all the cranberry sauce and cleaned up after
2. Got a walk in
3. I looked amazing for the party
4. Loved seeing so many people I know
5. Made a food plan for the party and stuck to it

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