Thursday, December 25, 2014

A quiet Christmas Day

We pretty much did our celebrating in the last 2 weeks so today we'll have a quiet Christmas Day just Ralph and I.

We did skype with my son who lives on Vancouver Island which was fun!

To get the day started on a good note I made a healthy brownie waffle with raspberries and sugar free syrup and fat free cream for my coffees :) breakfast=simply filling

Then Ralph and I did something together that meant a lot to me we went on an hours walk! This my friends is the beginning of a fantastic healthy year :)

Lunch: pillers simply free chicken breast, light cheese 2pp, veggies, 1/2 pear and a no sugar fat free yogurt lunch=simply filling +2pp

Dinner: turkey, home made simply filling stuffing with no meat, Club house lower sodium gravy 0pp, sugar free cranberry sauce, smashed potatoes with 2 tsp olive oil, veggies, 1 individual chocolate cheesecake 9pp which was a planned indulgence and the best thing is that it just came with 2 servings so no leftovers. Dinner simply filling + 9pp

I may have a couple of glasses of wine but I've chosen tomorrow as the day to get back to my normal routine. I'm also working tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday which will actually help me to stick to my plan. Hopefully all the junk in the staff room will be gone.

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