Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I want to wish all my friends here a Happy New Year!

Ralph and I are staying in and will have some wine I'm sure :)

Very cold out today but I bundled up and walked home after having coffee with my daughter. It took 45 minutes to get home :)

Breakfast: scrambled 1egg/2 egg whites, mini blueberry bagel 3pp, 1/2 tbsp fruit spread 0pp, blueberries and yogurt breakfast= simply filling +3pp

Lunch: cheesy bacon chips 3pp, cherry tomatoes with some lemon pepper seasoning lunch=simply filling +3pp

Dinner: tuna pasta salad made with whole wheat pasta, lettuce, clementine and a creamy lemon cup Dinner=simply filling

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Made some great choices today!

I was given a gift card for Swiss Chalet for Christmas so Ralph and I decided to use it in the food court at the mall. Now came the fun part because in that location they don't have steamed veggies or as many choices. So I went with a 1/4 chicken with white meat and took off the skin, baked potato which I only ate 1/2 of, 1/2 serving of Swiss Chalet sauce 0pp, I took my own veggies with olive oil and lemon pepper seasoning, plain 0% Greek yogurt for the potato, salsa, my own sugar free cranberry sauce and a sugar free fat free home made latte. I didn't eat the roll, the sour cream and chives or the butter. I politely declined to help my husband eat the lindt chocolates. I really enjoyed it, felt satisfied and totally happy with my choices.

I also squeezed in a 50 minute walk this morning.

I also made some moist simply filling pumpkin muffins that I need to tweak but I will post when they're the way I want them :)

For the last couple of weeks I've made it a daily ritual to make a pot of green tea. Love it!

Breakfast: baked chocolate banana oatmeal, fat free cream for coffees breakfast=simply filling

Lunch: chicken, 1/2 serving of sauce 0pp, 1/2 plain baked potato, sugar free cranberry sauce, 0% plain Greek yogurt, salsa, veggies, olive oil with lemon pepper seasoning, sugar free/fat free caramel latte made at home lunch=simply filling

Dinner: light flat out, extra lean ham, 1 slice pc blue menu provolone cheese 1pp, fat free mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, cherries, Campbell's light homestyle chicken noodle soup and some creamy lemon dessert cup dinner=simply filling + 1pp

Monday, December 29, 2014

Weigh in day

I have to admit that last week I had 3 different Christmas dinners plus more wine than I usually have. So this morning after convincing myself that it was weigh in day and that I had to jump on the scale no matter what excuse I could come up with I jumped on. I looked at the number and was almost in tears. Went to the kitchen and grabbed my journal that I write my #'s in and looked at last week and realized that I was actually down -.2 lbs!! Oh happy day indeed. May not be much but I will take it and run with in :)

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning the house but still got out for a 50 minute walk.
I also stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of things and found these wall stickers which I'm going to put in my workout room :)

Breakfast: omelet of one egg and two egg whites, 1 tsp oil, polenta, ham, cherries and fat free cream for coffee breakfast=Simply Filling

Snack: clementine

Lunch: veggies, 2 oz chicken, yogurt with blueberries and a little Ezekiel cereal lunch=Simply Filling

Dinner: leftover cheesy taco cabbage casserole 1pp, brown rice dinner=Simply Filling plus 1pp

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Let's get it done!

Wow after being off for Christmas being on my feet for 8 hours straight sure was harder than before!

I've had arthritis for years and I will say that sugar plays a number on my joints. They're much better when no sugar is touched.

So now it's time for back to normal.

I worked to afternoon shifts including last night then this morning was an early morning shift!! Ugh I am not a morning person :)

I did plan my food for today and managed to stick to the plan. The only added item was a shot of espresso to add to my coffee on my break. Definitely needed it.

Tomorrow will be back to walking as today my legs are shot. I even had to take a pain killer which I haven't had to do in a long time.

I'll definitely be glad to be walking again. You will never find the time you must make the time :)

Breakfast: mixed berry breakfast parfait, fat free cream for coffees simply filling

Lunch: roasted chicken breast, veggies, 1/2c cheerios, blueberries, yogurt simply filling

Dinner: Cheesy taco and cabbage casserole! Caesar salad made with light dressing, parmesan cheese and pre-cooked bacon, croutons made from light bread simply filling plus 5pp

Friday, December 26, 2014

Now back to regular programming!

That's right it's back to work I go today. Not a bad thing since I will get a lot of steps in :)

Breakfast: oat bran cereal cooked with 1 cup of skim milk, banana, blackberries and ff cream for coffee breakfast=simply filling

Lunch: omelet, veggies, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, 15g light cheese 1pp, creamy cherry desert cup lunch=simply filling +1pp

Taking to work: veggies, 1oz light cheese 2pp, chicken, clementines, yogurt and a little fiber one cereal dinner= simply filling + 2pp

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A quiet Christmas Day

We pretty much did our celebrating in the last 2 weeks so today we'll have a quiet Christmas Day just Ralph and I.

We did skype with my son who lives on Vancouver Island which was fun!

To get the day started on a good note I made a healthy brownie waffle with raspberries and sugar free syrup and fat free cream for my coffees :) breakfast=simply filling

Then Ralph and I did something together that meant a lot to me we went on an hours walk! This my friends is the beginning of a fantastic healthy year :)

Lunch: pillers simply free chicken breast, light cheese 2pp, veggies, 1/2 pear and a no sugar fat free yogurt lunch=simply filling +2pp

Dinner: turkey, home made simply filling stuffing with no meat, Club house lower sodium gravy 0pp, sugar free cranberry sauce, smashed potatoes with 2 tsp olive oil, veggies, 1 individual chocolate cheesecake 9pp which was a planned indulgence and the best thing is that it just came with 2 servings so no leftovers. Dinner simply filling + 9pp

I may have a couple of glasses of wine but I've chosen tomorrow as the day to get back to my normal routine. I'm also working tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday which will actually help me to stick to my plan. Hopefully all the junk in the staff room will be gone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sweet Christmas present!

I was so happy when I opened this box that was delivered this morning :) Should keep me happy for a while!
Went on an hours walk :) Misty out today! Weird for Christmas time.

I did the same today that I did on Tuesday. We're invited to a dinner tonight so I planned breakfast and lunch today, drank my water and got some walking in. I will do my best at dinner, I'll have some wine and will have fun and enjoy the company.

This is our last Christmas dinner out thank goodness. We're having a quiet dinner at home tomorrow mostly on plan but I will have a high point individual dessert and wine as my indulgences that I have planned for.

No stress, no guilt!

Breakfast: omelet with veggies and turkey, polenta, yogurt and blackberries, ff cream for coffees breakfast = Simply filling

Lunch: old el paso tortilla bowl 2pp, salad, chicken, salsa, Greek yogurt, 15g light cheese 1pp I forgot to add the cheese :) and yogurt and sf cranberry sauce lunch= simply filling +2pp

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Making better choices

While today was not perfect by any means however it was a much better day than I have been having!

I drank my water, took the hubs on a 30 minute walk and made good choices for meals.

I am feeling a lot better today.

All I have to say is that 2015 is going to be my year :)

Breakfast: multigrain banana cream hot cereal, fat free creamer for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: sauteed butternut squash, olive oil, walnuts 1pp light feta cheese 2pp and sugar free cranberry sauce simply filling plus 3pp

Dinner: 1 serving of president's choice blue menu lasagna 7pp, salad, dressing 1pp Dinner 8pp

Other: glass of red wine 5pp

One day at a time!

Monday, December 22, 2014


Yep the short break is over!

I've decided to not stress myself out this week.

I have several dinners to go to and no idea what will be served. So my plan is to be totally on plan at home, to drink my water and get some walking in. When I'm at the dinners I will enjoy myself, try to choose wisely, and enjoy being with the ones I love!!

So today I've already drank 6 cups of water and I will get more in later. I stayed on plan for my breakfast and my lunch. I'm going to my daughters tonight and will have a blast.

I've planned tomorrow's menu which will be totally on plan as I'm not going out tomorrow.

Breakfast: shredded potato, egg, tomatoes, blackberries and fat free creamer for coffees Simply Filling

Lunch: veggies, extra lean ham, plain greek yogurt with Thai seasoning, banana, yogurt and fiber one cereal Simply Filling

I've measured out some bulgur, pearl barley and old fashioned oats for tomorrow's breakfast :)

Have a great day and I'll be back posting tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A short break

I have to admit that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed!
I of course think I can do everything :)
This month I've really struggled to stay on plan, keep up with my posts on the group pages, keep up my daily blog, keep up with the house and.... do things for Christmas.
So until the 29th of December I won't be here as much, I'm going to take some time for me so that I can enjoy Christmas. I will be doing my best to make good choices but I'm not going to drive myself crazy over it. I have 3 dinners next week and no idea what I'll be having.
I will drop in and hopefully read some posts but just know I'm hoping to be back to my normal routine after Christmas.
I just have so much to get done this week and no time to do it!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting back in the rhythm!

One thing I've learned from Weight watchers and experience is that if I know I'm physically going to be doing more during the day to start off with a good breakfast!

Today I met up with my walking group and I did extra walking on top of that so I fueled up for breakfast :)
Stopped at Starbucks for coffee with my daughter Jen. Just plain coffee for me :)

I definitely feel that I've hopped right back on the wagon. It feels so good to not be struggling to make good choices.

Breakfast: scrambled egg, peameal bacon, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, polenta, 2 slices light toast and 1/2T crofters organic jam 0pp breakfast=simply filling 

Lunch: veggies, banana, yogurt, turkey and a few frozen yogurt drops which are just vanilla yogurt mixed with a little powdered raspberry sf jello lunch=simply filling

Dinner: Caesar salad with crab meat, apple cranberry cobbler dinner=simply filling +1pp for light parmesan cheese

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Couch potato? Not!

It's another cold and misty day today. I really didn't want to do any but veg on the couch.

However since I haven't been on a good walk in days I grabbed the husband and off we went on a 65 minute walk. We met a couple of interesting elderly ladies walking a dog and the cutest cat in a pushcart.

Food was great. Water went down easy and now I'm chillaxing with my feet up!

Breakfast: Baked chocolate raspberry oatmeal I used this recipe but added 8 frozen raspberries instead of the banana, fat free creamer for coffees breakfast=simply filling

Lunch: Caesar salad made with some fat free Caesar salad dressing with some lemon juice/garlic powder added, croutons made from light bread, back bacon, light parmesan cheese 1pp and Greek yogurt/fiber one cereal/banana on the side. lunch=simply filling +1pp

Dinner: Leftover shepherd's pie that I put 15g light cheese 1pp, extra veggies and applesauce with cinnamon dinner=simplyfilling + 1pp