Monday, November 10, 2014

Weigh in day!

Today is weigh in day and today I lost:-2.6
Last week:175.0
This week:172.4
I used all my 49 weekly points
I didn't use any of my 26 activity points I earned
I am glad that I had a loss this week as I really wasn't sure which way the scale was going to go!

My goal is 125 so I have a ways to go yet.

Every week I make a commitment to do one new thing. Last week was to have an on plan breakfast and to drink at least 8 cups of water/day. Yes I made sure I did that every day.

This week my goal is:
To taking my medications at the right times. I'm terrible and taking them all at once right before bed because I've forgotten to take them earlier is not a good idea. I have set my fitbit flex alarms to remind me morning and evening to take them.

Meds: 9:30 am and 11:30 pm

Breakfast: fibre one cereal,cheerios, skim milk, banana, blueberries and fat free cream for coffees Breakfast: Simply Filling

I had a meeting this morning so I grabbed a few things that I can eat on the go. Today was a few veggies, grapes, yogurt, ham and light cheese. Everything was simply filling except for the cheese which is 2pp. The ham was pillers simply free honey ham which is a power food. So lunch is simply filling plus 2pp

I'm so glad I took my own food as someone had made oreo cheesecake and cupcakes for everyone. I stuck to my plan and I'm very happy with my day.

I also met up with my walking group so I ended up with a lot of steps today. It's a great way to start my new week. Ended up walking for 2 hours today!! Whew I'm a tired gal right now :)

Dinner: fish taco a Joseph's low carb high fiber pita, Jane's multi grain breaded fish, lettuce, green onion and home made coleslaw made with fat free mayo/lemon juice/dijon mustard and a pinch of sweetener. Chopped veggies with 2 Tbsp Bolthouse miso with ginger dressing 1pp.  Dinner: simply filling plus 1pp

After dinner: 6 oz of dry red wine 5pp

Weekly points used: 8
Weekly points balance: 41
Activity points earned: 9 so far today :)
Activity points balance: 9
water: 1111 111

I may come back and update my activity points as they are automatically calculated between fitbit and weight watchers and I have found that sometimes when I check the next day they've increased. So in case you see different numbers that would be why!

Since I don't go to meeting but do Weight Watchers online I feel this blog is definitely going to keep me accountable.


Julie Braun said...

Very helpful and love the pictures of your meals. I think going back to the WW basic of keeping a food journal is what I need to do

Suzanne said...

Honestly I'd be lost without journaling!