Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Question Day!

It's Tuesday so it's Question Day!

Today's question: What is your favorite vegetable? How do you like to cook/eat it?

I had an appointment with the dentist today. I had a small chipped tooth and an old filling that needed to be redone. Lots of fun! At least I got a good walk in on the way there and back. It was -21 Celsius with the windchill. End up getting 75 minutes of walking in.

Breakfast: egg, polenta, 1 tsp oil, Lou's peameal bacon, orange slices, fat free cream for coffees Breakfast: Simply Filling

Lunch: Egg roll in a bowl, yogurt and banana, leftover blueberry oatbake Lunch: simply filling + 1pp for the stir fry sauce

Dinner: Janes multigrain fish, peas, salad and 2 Tbsp Bolthouse cilantro avocado dressing 1pp Dinner: simply filling + 1pp

Other: 6 oz dry red wine 5pp

Weekly points used: 7
Weekly points balance: 29
Activity points earned: 7 so far today
Activity points balance:15

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