Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Question Day!

Today's Question: What is your favorite seasoning and what is your favorite food that you use it on/in?

I will put my answer in the comments.

This weeks goal to take my meds on time in the morning and the evening. Last night I was a bit late taking them but did take the morning ones when my alarm went off and the evening ones I took about 1/2 hour later than I had planned. Still better than I was doing.

I started today with a fantastic breakfast followed by a one hour beautiful walk. The weather was so nice today that the hubs and I decided to also go on an afternoon bike ride. Rode for 50 minutes!

Breakfast: Brownie waffles with 1 tbsp of sugar free pancake syrup, orange slices and fat free cream for coffees Breakfast: Simply Filling

Lunch: Turkey Caesar salad: romaine lettuce, Lilydale precooked turkey breast,  Renee's fat free caesar salad dressing, lemon juice,2 tsp olive oil, pc lower sodium pre-cooked bacon 1pp, realized I had no parmesan cheese left so I just used 15g light cheese 1pp, pc cesear croutons 1pp Also had an apple not shown.
Lunch: Simply Filling + 3pp

Dinner: Healthy request fiesta vegetable and black bean soup, light flatout, lettuce, Piller's honey ham, pear, blue cheese, fat free mayo, leftover coleslaw, skim milk
Dinner: Simply Filling + 2pp for the blue cheese

Other: 6 oz dry red wine 5pp

Weekly points used: 10
Weekly points balance: 31
Activity points earned: 12 so far :)
Activity points balance: 21
water:1111 111


Suzanne said...

My favorite seasonings? Garlic and chipotle powder :) I put them on almost everything!

Suzanne said...

Forgot the coleslaw with dinner but I'm totally satisfied so I'll eat it tomorrow!