Saturday, November 15, 2014

Off work today!

A friend at work needed tomorrow off so we switched shifts and for once I have a Saturday off :)
Instead of doing what the frog is doing I decided to go to the mall with Ralph to look around for a while and then walk home from the mall to get some extra steps in!

What do you do to get extra movement in?

Breakfast: English muffin, egg and Lou's peameal bacon, 1 tsp oil, ff cream for coffee Breakfast: Simply Filling

Lunch: veggies, light cheese 2pp, turkey, baked apple with 1 tsp becel pro-active margarine 0pp, 1 tsp maple syrup 0pp and 1 tsp Ezekiel original cereal which is SF Lunch: simply filling + 2pp

Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti with meatballs Simply Filling +1pp Click on the link will take you to my blog and will tell you how I Simplyfied it :) There's also a link to the original recipe.  Dinner: simply filling + 1pp for extra president's choice blue menu light Parmesan cheese

Found a great tea today! Bought in Zehrs and it tastes like apple cider especially with a cinnamon stick in it.
It was especially nice after an hours cold walk

Other: fat free light yogurt

Weekly points used: 3pp
Weekly points balance: 17
Activity points earned: 6 so far today
Activity points balance: 37

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