Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cold, windy and damp!

The weather today leaves a lot to be desired!
I also had a board meeting this afternoon where they serve dinner so I decided to get off of the bus early and get an extra 25 minute walk in.

Question day: What are you doing today that will make it a great Weight Watcher day?
I would have to say for me getting extra walking in :)

Breakfast: Banana chocolate chip baked French toast, glass of skim milk, ff cream Breakfast:simplyfilling +1pp

Lunch: omelet, 15g cheese, veggies, 1 tsp oil, yogurt and berries Lunch: Simplyfilling +1pp

At a board meeting: baked chicken breast, steamed veggies, salad, 1 tsp light Italian dressing, potato and fruit for dessert! No picture Simply Filling

Other: 6oz dry red wine 5pp

Weekly points used: 7
Weekly points balance: 31
Activity points earned: 5
Activity points balance: 8

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