Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back away from the pizza!

Went on a 60 minute walk in the cold today! Soooo cold

I decided to put the weight loss ticker on the top for the final 50 lbs I need to lose. Bring it on!

Made a new recipe today.

Today we had a friend over for the day and we always have pizza for lunch. Well that's just fine and dandy for them but for me? No! I stuck with the plan.

Breakfast: Egg substitute omelet, 1 tsp oil, polenta, toast and 1/2 Tbsp jam
Breakfast: Simply Filling

Lunch: butternut squash/leeks/carrot, 1 tsp oil, 1 tsp maple syrup 0pp, marsala garam spice, leftover coleslaw, glass of skim milk and grapes Lunch: simply filling

Dinner: Buffalo cauliflower, fish with ff mayo and light cheese, apple 1pp, Dinner: Simply Filling plus 1pp

Other: 2 slices of lemon cranberry banana bread, 6 oz red wine Other: 7pp

Weekly points used: 8
Weekly points balance: 23
Activity points earned: 4
Activity points balance: 25
water:1111 111

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